Expert Talks: Attack Surface Management for beginners

Much-needed protection or an excessive luxury? Thomas Jannes, SOC Manager (Security Operations Center) at Secutec answers some pressing questions: what is Attack Surface Management (ASM)? Why is continuous monitoring recommended? How does it help protect your company from external threats? And how does Secutec make it easy for you with SecureSIGHT? Anyone taking a closer […]

Why the Darknet has a beat on you (and you don’t realize it)

  By Geert Baudewijns, CEO & Founder Secutec  It is high time we all become more vigilant on the internet. People and their personal data are easier to find online than they think, and hackers lie in wait on the Darknet. Now more than ever, it is necessary to be careful with passwords, personal data […]

Why Change Your Password Day comes just in time for your organization

  Every year, February 1 is all about changing passwords. We don’t need to tell you why this is necessary in ‘normal’ circumstances. But today, it is more important than ever. Let us tell you why that is, and how you should proceed. In late January, ominous reports surfaced about the so-called ‘Mother Of All […]

3 cybersecurity trends & tips for businesses and employees in 2024

2024 announces itself as the year when cybercriminals will once again shift up a gear. New dangers that we have been closely monitoring for some time will come to their full development and reach new heights in the coming period. We highlight three of them, look at their recent evolution and how they will target […]

How to prevent your network from being abused in DDoS attacks

  Devices that end up in a botnet are not only part of criminal activity, they are also much more susceptible to hacks.  It seems DDoS attacks never go out of style. The Belgian government recently fell victim to a complex attack, and even the popular game developer Blizzard recently had to shut down Diablo […]

The Importance of Attack Surface Management in the 2022 Verizon DBIR

  This year’s 15th installment of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) features yet another impressive dataset of corporate breaches and exposures marked by an overriding postulate: attack surfaces matter and they should dictate a large portion of your risk assessment strategy. As more businesses and state entities move their operations to the cloud, […]

Cybereason: How AI-Driven XDR Defeats Ransomware

  In June 2021, Cybereason detailed the ways that ransomware can end up costing organizations in their report, Ransomware: The True Cost to Business. The report revealed that two-thirds of ransomware victims report significant revenue loss following an attack. More than half (53%) informed us that a ransomware infection had damaged their brand and reputation. This […]

Sophos Named Cybersecurity Company of the Year by Cyber Defense Magazine

      Sophos has been named as Cybersecurity Company of the Year by Cyber Defense Magazine. It is an Editor’s Choice winner in the publication’s 10th annual Global InfoSec Awards.   “Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics, techniques and procedures to evade detection, and Sophos forensic evidence shows a 36% increase in attacker dwell time in 2021. The […]

Secutec at RSA 2022 in San Francisco

              Secutec was present at RSA 2022 in San Francisco, the biggest Cybersecurity Exhibition worldwide! Software vendors from all over the world presented their latest information with customers and channel partners. Secutec was invited by Flanders Investment & Trade to present Secutec SecureDNS. Together with 8 Flemish innovating cybersecurity […]