Compatibility status of ENS for Mac and MacOS Ventura

        Regarding, compatibility status of ENS for Mac and MacOS Ventura, it is not presently supported as Engineering has identified compatibility issues.   As per Engineering, support for Ventura might take time, a month or two.   Reference Number Found ENSM Version Issue Description  ENSM-5366   10.7.8   Issue: [macOS13Ventura] Full Disk Access […]

SNS Notice: Removal of end of life AMCore versions from daily content

        On August 24, 2022, we will remove end of life (EOL) AMCore versions from daily AMCore Content (V3 DAT) updates, starting with the content release on that day.   EOL Endpoint Security for Windows products will no longer receive content updates unless they are upgraded to a supported version of the […]

SNS Notice: Upcoming URL Changes in ePO – Prepare Your System Now

        As part of the Trellix rebranding effort, on-premise ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) will require URL changes within the product to avoid disruptions to service. This will require ePO systems to be updated to ePO 5.10 Update 14 by December 31, 2022, which is scheduled to release in early October 2022. For more […]

Issue MCP – Skyhigh Client Proxy version 4.4.1 and 4.4.1 hotfix 1.

    An issue has been detected by multiple customers when using the MCP – Skyhigh Client Proxy (Formely known as McAfee Client Proxy) version 4.4.1 and 4.4.1 hotfix 1. The tool that can be used by an end-user to temporary disable the MCP on his device won’t be effective. Skyhigh is currently investigating this […]

McAfee Enterprise Security Service Edge product line is emerging as a new company under the name Skyhigh Security!

  Earlier this year, Symphony Technology Group (STG) announced it would be splitting McAfee Enterprise into two organizations to better focus on the very distinct markets of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and the Security Service Edge (SSE). Now they have announced that McAfee Enterprise Security Service Edge Portfolio will operate as Skyhigh Security. Skyhigh […]

Techupdate Kaspersky | End of Life and migration – Kaspersky Security for Windows Server 

    Kaspersky constantly adapts and develops new solutions in response to the evolving cyber threat landscape and changing customer needs. They are announcing the end of life/discontinuation of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server (KSWS) with migration of all its features to Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (KES). Alignment of features between Kaspersky Security for […]

Techupdate McAfee | End of Support for Older Windows Versions

McAfee has announced End of Support for a whole range of older Windows versions starting on 31 December 2021. Unfortunately, this also means that downloading updates (DAT files, amcore files, etc.) is considered a breach of licence if extended support is not purchased from McAfee.   Windows XP, Server 2003 These operating systems are only […]

Is your company exposed to the Apache Log4j Vulnerability?

Control your digital risks with external attack surface management The power of attack surface management An attack surface is the sum of the exposed and internet-facing assets, and the associated risks a hacker can exploit to carry out a cyber-attack. If you are in control of your attack surface, you are in control of the […]

SecureDNS and Log4j vulnerability

In recent days, security news has been dominated by a major new leak that could allow hackers to access the servers of companies. It concerns a vulnerability in Log4j: logbook software used by Apache web servers to keep track of things like changes and error messages. This vulnerability enables hackers to break into the servers […]