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VAB’s specific needs for cybersecurity

No-one tells it better than our customers. Pieter Verheyden, senior system engineer at VAB, is one of our most valued patrons and one of the first to try out Secutec SecureDNS.

Pieter is responsible for, amongst others, securing the networks, devices, emails, and AGER environments of the many hundreds of end-users in the VAB teams.

VAB is Belgium’s largest roadside assistance and mobility club, giving customers a full vehicle assistance with breakdown, accident and theft. They also provide travel assistance worldwide giving customers hassle-free holidays in case of illness or an accident. VAB also has a big network of driving schools, giving driving courses for almost anything on wheels. Other activities include tire centers, a second-hand car sales center, fuel cards, car diagnostic center and a fleet services department.

This results in around 1500 employees delivering services from close to 100 offices in Belgium.

”Secutec SecureDNS is ridiculously easy to implement.”

“Our roadside assistance teams work 24/7, with people dispersed over the main office and on the road. Everyone is constantly connected for up-to-date information about individuals, cars, and so on. Because our activities are decentralized already, the Covid-lockdowns luckily barely impacted our cybersecurity.”

“Reports did show an increase in outgoing hits to (fake) corona websites. Unsafe connections which Secutec SecureDNS prevented.”

Pieter Verheyden, Senior System Engineer

The many advantages of Secutec SecureDNS according to VAB

One of the first things Pieter wants to tell us is the astonishing ease and speed with which Secure DNS is implemented. “It takes 30 seconds, so to speak.”

Other advantages he observed during the few months VAB has been using Secutec SecureDNS?

  • “The information we receive daily is incredibly specific. It allows me to quickly target certain devices or websites, by adapting our firewall.”
  • “An easy-to-use platform shows me which IP-addresses often cause trouble, or which URLs have been tried to reach.”
  • “Reports show a lot of suspect URLs we wouldn’t have caught without Secutec SecureDNS.”
  • “Traditional antivirus software acts ‘after the facts’, Secutec SecureDNS prevents problems by cutting off traffic.”

“Since implementing Secutec SecureDNS, I saw a 70% decrease in malware cases reported to McAfee. Which saves me 1 to 2 hours of work per day.”

  • “Secutec SecureDNS helps me prove to my superiors that we need to put more effort into educating our end-users. Thanks to reports and specific figures, I can paint a pretty good picture of where we stand.”


Passing the phishing test

As a part of a larger group with strict security concerns, VAB regularly gets tested with phishing emails, designed to replicate official VAB-communication.

“These phishing tests are devised to examine ‘the human factor’ in cybersecurity. Are people in our network careful in opening suspicious emails and why (not)? We can use the collected data to better educate our employees.”

“The first of those tests after we implemented Secutec SecureDNS, immediately showed us the value of the tool. Out of the 200 expertly designed emails, 80% were opened. Secutec SecureDNS promptly blocked the access to the websites behind the ‘suspect’ links. Of course, in this case, we had to ask Secutec to lift the blockage. We needed the numbers for our reports. But the case did highlight Secutec SecureDNS’s strengths.”



About trust and going the extra mile

To Pieter and his colleagues, it is very important to have a partner who knows the VAB-environment like the back of his hand.

“I appreciate that I mostly speak to the same 2 people. But shouldn’t they be around, I still know I’ll get someone on the line that knows our case, thanks to the in-depth documentation at Secutec.”

“On top of that, we get regular updates and recommendations, even by the Secutec CEO himself, always proactively tailored to VAB’s security needs. When Secutec offers us a tool, we know we can trust them. They will never try to sell us something we don’t need. The Secutec team does its job and even more than that.”


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