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Managed Services

We look after your IT environment, so that you can focus on your business

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Thanks to managed services, you can now cross the maintenance and security of your applications and online services off your to-do list. We will be happy to take on this job for you.

When you make use of our managed services, we ensure the necessary continuity of your platforms and respond to any problems that arise. We provide a professional and secure environment that operates how it should: supporting your work and reducing your costs.

Types of managed services

Managed SIEM

Security information and Event Management

  • Proactive protection
  • Health checks of your SIEM-solution
  • Management, control and maintaining of SIEM-solutions
  • Major and minor updates on a regular base
  • SOC-services on the SIEM-solution
  • User management analyses
  • Use-case management
  • Back-up management analysis

Managed ePO

Security screening of your McAfee environment

  • Our McAfee Certified Engineers take a closer look at your ePO console;
    • Check-up of current software versions
    • Professional advice regarding necessary updates and complementary software
    • Health check ePO database
    • Policy management: review and inheritance check
    • Threat log analysis
    • Server tasks/automatic responses
    • User management analysis
    • Back-up management analysis
  • You receive a report with highlights of the flaws and weaknesses in your set-up and policy design;
  • The report enables you to optimize your McAfee environment and to maximize your return on investment.

Managed KSC

Kaspersky Security Center

  • Security screening of your Kaspersky environment;
  • Check-up of your current software versions;
  • Professional advice regarding necessary updates and complementary software;
  • Health check of your Kaspersky database;
  • Policy management: review and inheritance check;
  • Threat log analysis;
  • Server tasks / automatic responses;
  • User management analyses;
  • Back-up management analyses;

Managed Application Control

  • Review of the current software versions
  • Hands-on advice on necessary updates and additional software
  • Health check of your database
  • Review and monitoring of your policy management
  • Application management:
    • Allowing or denying applications
    • Follow-up based on the needs of the customer

What can managed services do for you?

Managed services enable you to benefit from many advantages. Below is a summary of some of them:

✓ While you focus on your core business, our experts take care of your technical matters.
✓ You save time: time you can use to improve your customer service or develop new products and services.
✓ And because you only pay for the capacity you actually use, your costs drop.
✓ We provide advice that is tailor-made to your company. This allows you to make the right technological and strategic choices, develop innovation processes and make use of growth opportunities.
✓ We keep your IT up and running, ensuring that your employees remain productive, your customer service remains available and your image remains unblemished.

Ready to learn about all the benefits of managed services?

Secutec Managed Services takes your security to heart

  • Know-how: We work with highly qualified, well-trained and certified team members.
  • Service: Thanks to our personal and efficient response time, your IT services will be up and running in no time.
  • Customisation: Every customer is unique, and that deserves a tailor-made approach.
  • Focus: We develop our own services, which enable us to act faster than any security provider.
  • Monitoring: We follow up trends and evolutions in order to stay 2 steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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