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Secure DNS

Checking your DNS connections prevents cyber attacks.

Combining several databases, Secure DNS is faster and more accurate than your current security solution.

More than 91% of all malware uses DNS to communicate with your server, to steal data or redirect traffic to malicious sites. Today, the dangers are very often hidden in innocent applications, documents and websites. Invisible to firewalls and other security solutions.

What is Secure DNS?

Security through DNS protects you against new threats that your current antispam, firewall and proxies are not yet aware of. DNS is one of the most fundamental instruments of Internet and for network. DNS is the phonebook of the Internet. A user access information online through domain names, because that’s something they can remember, like Web browsers interact through IP addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources. By setting your DNS forwarder to send DNS queries to our Secutec Secure DNS Server the domain reputation will be checked.


“Unsafe DNS connections are responsible for more than 91% of all malware”



  • Block faster – detect more – prevent proactively
  • Peace of mind
  • Easy to implement
  • A safe team wherever they work
  • Affordable multi-vendor solution
  • Clear and real-time dashboard

How does it work?

Secutec Secure DNS is a quick reputation check of malicious websites that protects your business from cyber attacks.

If a user submits a request from a website that has been designated by us as ‘unsafe’, the employee will not be able to visit the website. If the domain is not indicated as unsafe the connection will be established and the website will be shown.

By blocking suspicious connections at the DNS level (i.e., outside your network), we not only stop Internet traffic initiated through the proxy server but also Internet traffic that does not go through the corporate proxy server. This allows your employees to use a secure internet connection wherever they are; in the office, at home or on the road. Learn more at




“Secure DNS works nice and simple, I can see that our anti-virus is working but Secure DNS offers an extra protection layer”. 

Pieter Verheyden – VAB

KEY features

  • Extra protection layer by checking every domain reputation;
  • Detection of specific malware in your network;
  • Blocking of malicious web content and not yet categorized domains;
  • Implementation in less than 15 minutes;
  • Works with any IT, network or security setup in your corporation;
  • The dashboard gives you an overview of all detections.

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