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Secutec Secure DNS Services

Outsmart malware and bad URLs through DNS

Security through DNS protects you against new threats that your current antispam, firewall and proxies are not yet aware of. DNS is one of the most fundamental instruments of Internet and for network. DNS is the phonebook of the Internet. A user access information online through domain names, because that’s something they can remember, like Web browsers interact through IP addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources. By setting your DNS forwarder to send DNS queries to our Secutec Secure DNS Server the domain reputation will be checked.

All known malicious domains are actively blocked as most of the phishing and ransomware domains have a low lifetime. If a user browses to a domain that has been blocked, they will be presented with a default blocking page. If the domain is whitelisted or if it is not known as “bad” the user will be able to  access the domain.

By blocking through DNS, we are not only  blocking the web traffic that should go though your web proxies, but also the traffic that is bypassing the proxy. Secutec Secure DNS Service works with any IT, network or security setup within your corporation.

SIAM, a unique Secutec service

Secutec Secure DNS receives feeds from the Secutec SIAM Database that gives information on which domain should be whitelisted or blacklisted.

  • Whitelist category: All domains which are known as secure.
  • Blacklist category: All malicious and untrusted domains.
  • Others: All domains not known as ’bad’.

The SIAM database gathers information from the Secutec honeypots, sensors, security feeds and other sources on the internet.


Click here to download the Secutec Secure DNS datasheet

Secutec DNS Service takes your security to heart

  • Know-how: We work with highly qualified, well-trained and certified team members.
  • Service: Thanks to our personal and efficient response time, your IT services will be up and running in no time.
  • Customisation: Every customer is unique, and that deserves a tailor-made approach.
  • Focus: We develop our own services, which enable us to act faster than any security provider.
  • Monitoring: We follow up trends and evolutions in order to stay 2 steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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