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SIAM (Secutec Integrated Advanced Malware) enables you to respond faster to possible cyberattacks

The dissemination methods for malware are becoming more ingenious by the day. It is therefore important to always remain up to date on all the information regarding malware. Security Integrated Advanced Malware (SIAM) brings this information together using IOCs such as IPs, hashes, URLs, DNS, etc.

We use an ingenious system to obtain all this information: honeypots, sensors, security feeds and other Internet sources. We analyse and process this data, and you receive it tailored to your needs. You can easily integrate these IOCs into your current business solutions, and have them implemented by our security expert.

In short: SIAM protects you against threats that your current security provider is not yet aware of.

How can SIAM protect you?

SIAM compiles data from various (reliable) sources and partners. In this way, we increase your protection against possible intrusions, and provide you with detailed information about malware. You can easily operate and manage our solution yourself, or you can rely on our Security Experts to guide you through the entire process.

  • Integration of your feed(s)
  • Different IOCs that are used
    • IP address
    • Domains / FQDN
    • URLs
    • File hash
  • Categories of IOCs that can be used
    • Botnet C&C (IPs, domains / FQDN, URLs, file hashes)
    • Ransomware (IPs, domains / FQDN, URLs, file hashes)
    • Malware (IPs, domains / FQDN, URLs, file hashes)
    • Phishing (IPs, domains / FQDN, URLs, file hashes)
    • New, young domains (IPs, domains / FQDN, URLs, file hashes)

* You can choose for yourself which service(s) and category/categories apply to you.

SIAM, a unique Secutec service

Secutec ensures that companies can benefit from a fast, efficient, secure and enjoyable IT experience by providing appropriate security solutions. To do this, we rely on the expertise of our professionals in IT security. Thanks to their knowledge and certificates, they provide you with the best tools, information and programs, fully in line with the size and needs of your company.

Secutec SIAM Service takes your security to heart

  • Know-how: We work with highly qualified, well-trained and certified team members.
  • Service: Thanks to our personal and efficient response time, your IT services will be up and running in no time.
  • Customisation: Every customer is unique, and that deserves a tailor-made approach.
  • Focus: We develop our own services, which enable us to act faster than any security provider.
  • Monitoring: We follow up trends and evolutions in order to stay 2 steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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