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Threat Intelligence

Access Management

In today’s digitally connected world, identity and Access Management plays a vital role in any security plan, as it is inseparably linked to the security and productivity of organizations. Authentication can be achieved through basic knowledge-based mechanisms such as passwords. But also more advanced techniques can be used, such as MFA (multi-factor authentication). As more organizations store their sensitive data electronically, ensuring that this data remains secure is a critical step.

Threat Intelligence Reports

Cyber attacks have been increasing in complexity for years. By integrating Threat Intelligence Reporting into your organization you are able to anticipate threats and attacks at an early stage. Threat Intelligence is often a source for endpoint security, but also as IoC feeds that organizations can roll out themselves such as YARA or SNORT rules for improving preventive tools and extensive reports

Threat Lookup

Do you have a direct overview of the origin and relationships of digital threats? With Threat Look-up you are able to immediately perform a complete analysis of the most advanced threats and give access to complex investigations of incidents.

Threat Security Audit Services

With these services, we provide insights by identifying vulnerabilities and the actual effect of exploits on the vulnerabilities found. You will also receive advice on how your ICT infrastructure can be tackled and the vulnerability of your ICT infrastructure. This increases the digital resilience of your organization.

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