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Security Gateways

The Internet is the means of communication par excellence, but it is also a web full of dangers. Allow security gateways to limit the dangers for your company.

It’s impossible to imagine the world without the Internet as an information and communication tool. We use it both professionally and personally. The latter also entails some dangers, as web applications are a major target for attacks.

It is therefore particularly important to protect your employees when they are on the Internet. The security of your company is only ensured if they don’t open fraudulent e-mails, dubious web applications or suspicious websites.

Control of the access to your network is no longer sufficient to ensure a pleasant and secure Internet experience. A range of security tools are necessary for this. The ‘Security Gateways’ concept includes many other solutions: next-gen firewalls, proxies, reserve proxies, mail scanners, web gateways, etc.: in short: everything that is needed to protect you and your employees online.

In addition, you must also set specific security layers for each network level. In order to add this additional security layer, we recommend that you provide application control, threat feeds and a dynamic policy.

Thanks to this additional control, you can sleep soundly knowing that the online security of your company is guaranteed, because you have a real-time overview of what is happening in which location, and can prevent data loss and quickly identify new threats.

Advantages of Security Gateways

  • Real-time monitoring of traffic from and to your environment.
  • Security for offsite employees, thanks to a secure connection.
  • Rules and accesses that guarantee productivity.
  • Extra protection against data breaches.

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