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Digitaal Vlaanderen offers Secutec SecureDNS through framework agreement to all cities and municipalities


No less than 20% of all Flemish cities and municipalities are using Secutec’s SecureDNS solution.
To facilitate local governments even better in improving their digital infrastructure, Digitaal Vlaanderen is now offering SecureDNS through an ICT framework contract.

Last year Digitaal Vlaanderen, through Lokaal Digitaal, commissioned KPMG to conduct a needs analysis and market study on digital security for local governments. The conclusion was clear: local governments need a scalable and easily integrated solution to protect their digital infrastructure against various forms of cyber attacks at the Domain Name System (DNS) level. With SecureDNS, Digital Flanders now offers an appropriate solution within the broader context of digital security.

How does SecureDNS protect?
More than 90% of all malware uses Domain Name System (DNS) resolution for cyber attacks, phishing and user data theft. SecureDNS enhances security by filtering and monitoring DNS requests within the municipality’s network and stopping phishing, malware and cyber attacks. It works by redirecting DNS requests through secure servers that analyze the reputation of the requested domain. If the domain is secure, the connection proceeds as usual. If the requested domain is flagged as malicious, the request is blocked to prevent potential cyber threats. The system is an additional layer of security on top of existing firewall and antivirus solutions and addresses some gaps in current systems, such as proactively blocking newly registered domains 24/7 and integrating local threat intelligence.

An initiative of Lokaal Digitaal through the ICT framework contracts
Lokaal Digitaal, part of the Smart Region Office (SRO), is a cross-government collaboration between municipalities, Digitaal Vlaanderen, Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur, Het Facilitair Bedrijf and VLAIO. From this program, the study was commissioned and the offer is now being made accessible and easy to take down for all cities and municipalities. SecureDNS is offered through Digitaal Vlaanderen’s ICT framework contracts by Proximus.

More info (in Dutch): Lokale besturen kunnen hun digitale infrastructuur voortaan beter beveiligen met SecureDNS |
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