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Digital hygiene in times of corona and remote working. What can you do as an employee?

1.    Be aware of your role

As an employee you have to be aware of your own responsibility when it comes to digital hygiene and cybersafety. Hackers are using remote workers as a ‘tool’ to perform cyber attacks. Because it is easier to target an individual than a company.


2.    Build a human firewall

We are not powerless. As individuals we can build a human firewall.

–       Don’t start clicking on all links related to corona. Use official sources of information.

–       Make use of a safe network: mobile devices are often connected to unsecured wireless networks.

–       Use strong passwords and change them regularly.

–       Perform software updates when necessary.


3.    Questions? Centre for Cybersecurity

Belgium is one of the top performing European countries when it comes to cybersecurity. One of the reasons is the high sensitizing role of CCB, The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. They inform and warn citizens and organisations about cybercrime and give practical tips to stay safe and keep your digital hygiene up to speed. More information on and

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