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Employees will never stop clicking bad links


But that’s okay. Because now you can stop those links from doing any harm. With Secure DNS, users are no longer able to browse malicious domains when on the company server. Secure DNS stays one step ahead of cyberthreats. Giving you peace of mind and making sure you no longer have to invest time and money in employee training or damage control.


Proactive blocking

Detect and block new threats that your current cybersecurity solution is not yet aware of.


Automatic monitoring and detection alerts

Automatically monitors all your DNS connections, 24/7. When it spots a malicious detection, you will be alerted immediately.


Tailor-made to your needs

Our solution specialists can make any changes you want and offer 24-hour support



Unsafe DNS connections are responsible for more than 91% of all malware.


What does Secure DNS do?

Secure DNS helps you protect your company network and data from cyberattacks due to unsecured DNS connections. It detects and blocks malicious and untrusted domains, even the newly registered ones, that your current antispam, firewall and proxies are not yet aware of. It is the most effective security solution to outsmart malware and bad URLs through DNS.

With a weekly email and a dashboard, you can see how many threats Secure DNS has stopped.






“If Secure DNS is one thing, it is easily manageable.

With just a few lines of code, it can be implemented in an hour.

That’s astonishing.”

– Philippe Maquoi, SPW





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