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Kaspersky announces a rebranding

Kaspersky, founded in 1997, had the goal to make the best antivirus in the world. 22 years ago, they didn’t think about positioning, image or brand philosophy. Nowadays they have more than 4000 employees and protect hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses around the world. In the recent years, their approach has changed to business, to their products, not mentioning their vision to the future.

With so much having changed, it was time to think about how they looked to people from the outside. So yesterday they formally updated their logo. The new logo employs geometric, mathematically precise letter forms, representing the values that define them. Another noticeable innovation is that they have removed the word LAB. Now it’s just “Kaspersky”. Shorter, simpler, clearer, more utilitarian, easier, more memorable.

You will notice that not only their logo has changed, also their products, their mission and their approach has changed. Over the years they never stopped investing in building a safer world and as they once had the goal to make the best antivirus in the world, that mission has changed to building a safer world, no matter what the future holds.

Read more about the Kaspersky rebranding and the story of Eugene Kaspersky on their blog page.

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