McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.1 Hotfix 1189565 Now Available

Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.5.1 Hotfix 1189565 addresses several performance issues and other reported Windows related issues. McAfee strongly suggests this hotfix be implemented.

Threat Prevention:

  • Adaptive Threat Protection installed; On-Demand Scan (subsequent scan) now consumes less time.
  • On Demand Scan now successfully works with PUP exclusions.
  • Blue screen when installing ENS on Win10RS2 with Device Guard (or upgrading from RS1 to RS2 with Device Guard and ENS on the system).
  • McShield spikes to 100% CPU while opening applications.
  • High mcshield.exe CPU usage.


  • Connection isolation in Location Aware Groups (LAG) now works properly with Local networks.
  • Websites time to load reduced.

Web Control:

  • Web Control experiences issues starting, after upgrading from 1032.5 to 1034.8 from McAfee ePO Cloud. This release resolves this issue.

Adaptive Threat Protection:

  • Adaptive Threat Protection debug log stopped showing process activity. This release resolves this issue.
  • A false positive mitigation issue no longer occurs if a system is disconnected and Adaptive Threat Protection is not in Observe mode.
Posted on May 30, 2017
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