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McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.7.x Release

The release contains improvements and fixes, including:

  • Enhanced remediation capabilities
  • Increased context for fileless threat detections
  • Enhanced protection against fileless attack methods
  • Support for on-demand scan from the command line and improved scanning performance

Important: upgrading from the beta version of Endpoint Security 10.7 is not supported. You must first uninstall the beta version.


New features

Installation and upgrade

  • Advanced Detection and Remediation extension — View Story Graph and remediation data reported by the Advanced Detection and Remediation extension that’s now included in the Endpoint Security installation package. The Story Graph is a visual representation of events leading up to a detected threat.
  • Endpoint Security Package Designer enhancements — Create separate installation packages for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the product, and create installation packages that include McAfee® Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection (ATP).
  • Adaptive Threat Protection requires McAfee® Endpoint Security Threat Prevention.
  • Support added in Endpoint Security Package Designer to trim future updates of Endpoint Security 10.7.0.
  • Support for case sensitivity — Allow Microsoft Windows to correctly manage mix-case file and folder names. You can check and change this attribute setting in Windows. It’s disabled by default.
  • On systems running Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later, you must make sure that the case-sensitivity attribute is disabled for folders where you want to install the product software. Once Endpoint Security is installed or upgraded, Endpoint Security folders are protected against being set as case sensitive to make sure that this setting does not prevent product updates and upgrades.
  • All product features in each module protect and exclude files and folders in a case-insensitive manner, but use the correct case for reporting events.


Endpoint Security Platform

  • On-demand scan logging— During on-demand scans, all scanned files can now be logged when this feature is enabled. This feature is disabled by default.
  • Endpoint Security logging— Format improvements were made to standardize the Endpoint Security logs.

This release resolves known issues.


For the list of current known issues, click here.

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