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McAfee – Gateway Anti-Malware Engine phased rollout

Beginning on April 27, 2020, McAfee will perform a phased rollout for McAfee Gataway Anti-Malware Engine. The affected products are: Web Gateway 7.8.x, Web Gateway 8.X, Web Gateway 9.x and later.


Improvements in the new scanning engine are

  • Improved malware detection rates: The behavior-based threat classification models have received general maintenance work, including bug fixes and speed enhancements that allow deeper scanning. This improvement positively impacts zero-day malware detection across the board.
  • Contextual classification: Gateway Anti-Malware (GAM) has traditionally extended its threat classification with other contextual information known about the source of the files and sites under inspection, such as the GTI reputation scores and Web categorization. This contextual classification approach is now further enriched through the ability to also consume client-side contextual information through interaction with McAfee Client Proxy (MCP).

The weekly rollout starts on Monday, April 27, 2020, for 10% of nodes in the first week, and continues with 10% of nodes each following Monday (targeting June 29 to roll out last 10%).

The rollout uses the normal Anti-Malware update process and does not require any additional action.

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