McAfee Release – Drive Encryption 7.2.5

New features This release of the product includes this new feature.

NVMe OPAL support

Support for NVMe OPAL drives is now provided on UEFI systems only (not BIOS). See KB81136 for a list of supported drives.


This release of the product includes the following updated features.

User-based policy default password

The default password has changed to 1234567 for new installations or when duplicating the McAfee Default product policy. The minimum default password is enforced when you change your password. A minimum password length of seven characters is now required.

See KB90465 for more information.


McAfee ePO platform support

  • McAfee ePO 5.1.x is no longer supported
  • The minimum supported platform is McAfee ePO 5.3.x


McAfee ePO Deep Command

McAfee ePO Deep Command is end of life. Consequently, the Drive Encryption DEDeep extension that provided support for out-of-band management using McAfee ePO Deep Command is no longer included in the Drive Encryption release package.


Product policy settings now enable credential provider logging

With Drive Encryption 7.2.5, you can enable or disable the credential provider logging through the product policy. This is enforced by 7.1.3 clients or higher.


Scripts are provided to help create WinPE images

A script is included in to help create WinPE images. The script is in the WinPE folder and the fiOe name is WinPE_tech.cmd.

Posted on April 27, 2018
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