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McAfee – Release Web Gateway 8.1.3

The release can introduce some new features and enhancements. This release is provided as a controlled release.


TCP window scaling with higher default to improve network throughput

When window scaling is enabled, the initial size of the receive window for TCP data transfer can be increased according to a scaling factor that is configurable. This factor has been set to a higher default value. Network throughput can be increased this way because a larger receive window allows more data to be sent by a web server or client before they require Web Gateway to send an acknowledgment packet (ACK).

Using an event in a suitable rule, the maximum window size can also be set differently for each TCP connection. The new default factor applies to all newly installed appliances. Existing appliances:

  • Are migrated to the new default factor if they had the old default factor configured
  • Are not migrated if they had a non-default factor configured


New settings for storing cloud access logs in different regions

New settings can be configured to choose a region for storing data that is logged when cloud users access the web. 1 The settings are configured for events in rules on Web Gateway that also apply to McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service.


More media types supported in media type

The range of media types that can be recognized and processed in media type filtering on Web Gateway has been increased.

The following have been added to the list of supported media types:

  • Active Sync WBXML
  • Git
  • HEIF
  • SCF


More file formats supported by the Composite Opener

The range of file formats that can be processed by the Composite Opener, which is the module on Web Gateway that opens compressed and archived files to make them accessible to filtering, has been increased.

The following have been added to the list of supported file formats:

  • Active Sync WBXML
  • Git


More throughput for GTI queries and extended monitoring in anti-malware

Improvements have been implemented for anti-malware filtering

  • Throughput for queries to GTI servers, which are run in advance of the anti-malware scanning jobs, has been increased by switching from synchronous to asynchronous handling of access to the TS/SDK API.
  • Output of the AMJobs command for monitoring scanning jobs now includes a status column, which also covers the status of asynchronous GTI queries.


Easier troubleshooting of network issues with mfend-lb

For troubleshooting mfend issues, the mfend-lb command can be run from the user interface instead of connecting to a system console in order to run the command.

The command outputs statuses and other information about key mfend parameters.


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