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The last two days Secutec visited the Cybersecurity Conference of McAfee, MPower 2017, in Amsterdam. We didn’t make this trip alone, we took some of our cherished customers with us by bus. As a sponsor,  we also made those two days more enticing with a special Secutec-booth. Together with our guests, we visited a lot of interesting technical sessions which we afterwards always thoroughly discussed at our booth.

In the evening we made a fascinating boat trip through the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, which are on the UNESCO’s world heritage list. While we were floating through the historical center of Amsterdam, we also witnessed a mesmerizing & fantastic light show on the quays of the canals.

Interesting topics during MPower 2017 were:

McAfee announce the intention to acquire Skyhigh Networks

Nearly eight months ago, McAfee became one of the world’s largest pure-play cybersecurity companies. At that time, I committed to our customers, partners and employees that we would be a company focused on innovation and growth with a singular pledge of keeping the world safe from cyber threats. Today, we continue the journey by announcing that McAfee will acquire Skyhigh Networks, the worldwide leader in the cloud access security broker (CASB) market segment.

Skyhigh is an ideal complement to McAfee’s strategy—one focused on building and optimizing mission-critical cybersecurity environments for the future. Cloud security has historically been an afterthought of, or impediment to, cloud adoption. With customers’ most valuable asset, data, increasingly finding residence in the cloud, it’s time security move to the forefront. At the same time, security cannot hinder cloud adoption, as the transformation the cloud promises extends far beyond the corridors of IT to every facet of modern business.



Interset User behavior analytics

McAfee will directly offer McAfee Behavioral Analytics with Interset (including UEBA), deepening relationship with Interset:
• McAfee deepens relationship with SIA partner, Interset, to offer their user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) on McAfee pricebook.
• The Interset solution is already integrated with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, as a data source for ESM, as a consumer of ESM’s alerts, and to provide a better UI and workflow.
• Interset is also currently integrated with DXL for sharing of analytic findin


The partnership with Cisco on sharing threat intelligence using DXL and Cisco’s pxGird

McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) now work together to share threat intelligence and enable
automation between the network and endpoint:
• Industry’s Largest Open Security Fabric: With close to 100 integrated partners between them, DXL and pxGrid together create a universal, unified and responsive security infrastructure
• Automated Threat Mitigation: Automated processes cross previously siloed tools, and link endpoint, network and security operation domains, closing security gaps
• Improved Decision Precision: Bi-directional data flow enriches integrated applications with detailed information, allowing analysts visibility into critical data.


The new McAfee Investigator, which utilizes both machine learning and artificial intelligence

McAfee Investigator utilizes both machine learning and artificial intelligence, to increase:
Accurate Threat Prioritization: Allows analysts to focus on the most significant threats by using advanced analytics
Fast and Thorough Malware Investigations: Machine learning and artificial intelligence within McAfee Investigator continually learn, evolving tactics, techniques and procedures
Increased SOC Efficiency: McAfee Investigator instructs analysts into implementing advanced thought processes and increases productivity with easy case content sharing.


The release of SIEM 10.2.0

Please contact us for more information (presentation will be available soon).

Steve Grobman about his vision on the malware behavior

Please contact us for more information (presentation will be available soon).

The science of threat defense

Please contact us for more information (presentation will be available soon).


We hope to attend MPower again next year as a sponsor, and that you can be our welcome guest!

Posted on November 30, 2017
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