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Netwrix – Netwrix Auditor 9.95

On April 28th Netwrix has released the new Netwrix Auditor 9.95. The new auditor includes data classification reports for SharePoint online, reporting of AD user account attributes, the monitoring of critical VWware events and Omit lists.
Data classification reports for SharePoint online

Do you know exactly where your sensitive files are located in SharePoint Online, who has access to them and what user actions might threaten this data? Netwrix Auditor in conjunction with Netwrix Data Classification now gives you answers to these questions in a few clicks. With this simplicity, you can focus on protecting your most critical sites first and spot active threats before your organization suffers a data breach.
Reporting of AD user account attributes

Which privileged users have weak passwords? Has anyone from the legal department been inactive for the last month? Are the password expiration settings for each contractor aligned with your internal policies? Simply adjust the filters in Netwrix Auditor reports based on the AD user attributes you care about, and answer even the trickiest questions from managers and auditors straight away.


Monitoring of critical VWware events

Make sure that no suspicious activity, such as a virtual machine being moved to another host or an image getting renamed, slips under your radar. With this information at hand, you can respond to incidents faster and avoid downtime and compliance findings.


Omit lists

Accurately filter out unwanted audit data, like logons made by service accounts, by simply editing omit lists in Netwrix Auditor. Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually editing configuration files, and spend your auditing efforts on the truly important events, not noise.

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