Secure DNS
Secutec is proud to introduce Secure DNS: The fastest, most powerful protection on the market.

Secutec Secure DNS

Secure DNS is the first of its kind protection tool to shore up your defenses with a never before seen combination of cyber intelligence and data analysis tools employing advanced Aritificial Intelligence algorithms to block unsafe traffic not detected by your anti-virus or firewall

Secure DNS

How does it work?

Secure DNS will forward all DNS requests from your network to our Secutec Secure DNS server. This server will check the domain reputation of the requested URL. If a user visits a domain that has been blocked, they will be presented with a default blocking page.If the domain is whitelisted or if it is not known as “bad”, the user will be allowed access to the domain.Note that users will not experience any latency or extra processing time.


One Of A Kind

Our Secure DNS solution is unique in the market, it protects your network and data against internet threats through unsecured DNS connections. For example, we detect unwanted e-mails, malicious software and websites that are managed by internet criminals. By combining local and international databases, we check the reputation of these websites within a nanosecond and keep your network free of these internet threats. By combining different databases, this solution is faster and more accurate than your current anti-spam, firewall and proxy server.


  • Multiple vendor information: We use a combined database of more than 20 antivirus, firmware and anti-spam vendors, such as Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, Fortinet, Palo Alto Netvnrks, and more.
  • Honeypot service: A honeypot simulates an operating system and allows an attacker to log in and execute commands or download malware. Our honeypot network consists of 12 data centres and 400 machines.
  • CERT feeds: Thanks to our exclusive collaboration with the Belgian Federal Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), we have access to information about 20,000 suspicious local URLs per day.
  • New listing domains: More than 22% of all newly registered domains are used for cybercrime. That's why we block new domains for 24 hours, giving us the time to analyze them properly and recategorize when needed.
  • CCB secret feeds: We exchange information about local cyberattacks with the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB)_
  • Web browsers: Data (IJRLS that we identify as bad) will be provided to Microsoft, Coogle and Apple from actions on Internet Explorer, Chrome, firefox, Safari _

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Benefits of Secutec Secure DNS

Block faster — detect more — prevent proactively
  • Reporting dashboardIn order to keep track of your performance, we provide a detailed dashboard of all DNS queries and blocked threats The reporting and alerting dashboard can be fully customized with personalized reports and alerts
  • High-performant security service: More malicious domains are blocked at an earlier stage. We also detect local Belgian threats which are unknown to other safety solution vendors
  • Complete network securitySecure DNS protects every element in your network, including PCs, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, IOT, Blackbox, cryptocurrency mining, etc.
Peace of mind
  • Support within 24 hours:Need our help? Our solution specialists are here for you.
  • Implementation in less than 60 minutes: Our solution specialist will configure your DNS setting during a remote calL So easy, yet so efficient!
Easy to implement
  • System independent:It works with any IT, network or security setup in your corporation.
  • Seamless infrastructure integration: Secure DNS can be integrated easily with your IT infrastructure, be it DXI_ PXGAID, SIEM, or any other.
  • No additional hardware or software required:No downtime, service interruption, or server reboots are needed. All it takes is a change in the configuration of your DNS settings, without additional load on your system.
A safe team, wherever they work
  • Safe web browsing guaranteed:leading to increased IT security.
  • Fast connections assured:No latency or extra processing time.
  • Remote and mobile cybersafety: Working from home or active on another network? We can reroute the internet traffic of remote workers through the Secutec Secure DNS.
  • We keep all your devices safe including those over which you have no control, f_e_ schools with a guest net•vwrk for students



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Outsmart malware and phishing

  • Extra protection layer by checking every domain reputation
  • Implementation in less than 60 minutes
  • Blocking of malicious web content and not yet categorized domains
  • Works with any IT, network or security setup in your corporation
  • Detection of specific malware in your network
  • The dashboard gives you an overview of all detections

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