90% of cyberattacks start with a human error.

That’s why Phished focuses on the human side of cybersecurity.

The fully-automated AI-driven training software combines personalised, realistic phishing simulations with the educational program of the Phished Academy.



How Phished helps you build your Human firewall

Automated Phishing Simulations
Advanced AI-driven phishing and cyberattack simulations, personalised for every unique recipient.

Users are activated to flag suspicious emails using the Phished Report Button, and become more aware of cyber threats through interaction.

Phished Academy
Interactive training teaches how to recognise and handle threats using videos, articles, infographics and dynamic quizzes, brought together in microlearnings, ranging from cybersecurity to password hygiene.

In-depth Reporting

Find out where your weak spots are with powerful reporting tools that make data actionable.


Phished Offers

  • Automated, AI-driven phishing simulations, in all major languages, personalised per individual recipient
  • Manual simulations are possible, using our powerful editor
  • Every type of phishing: spear phishing, CEO fraud, NSFW, industry and job related, even smishing is present
  • AI-driven localised training in the Phished Academy (infographics/videos/quizzes) on a broad range of topics
  • Advanced reporting of your organisation’s performance, per recipient, department or compared to industry benchmarks
  • Extensive privacy & security measures: ISO 27001 certified, GDPR proof, Envelope Encryption,…
  • Activate users with the Phished Report Button, which scans suspicious, non-simulation messages as well


Want more information about Phished?

Want more information about Phished?

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