About SpyCloud

SpyCloud is laser focused on preventing online fraud with our proactive solutions, which protect billions of employee and consumer accounts worldwide from account takeover.

They are the trusted account takeover fraud prevention partner for B2B organizations and consumer brands, including 4 of the Fortune 10, and some of the most innovative financial services, retailers, and technology companies around the globe. With solutions backed by the most comprehensive and actionable repository of third-party breach data, we ensure that the people logging into your systems are legitimate users – not criminals using stolen credentials.


SpyCloud’s Mission

Their mission is to significantly disrupt the cybercriminal economy to eliminate the loss of money, time, and reputation due to online fraud, and ultimately to make the internet a safer place for individuals and businesses.


SpyCloud’s Promise

Current, Relevant, Truly Actionable Data

They quickly recover the most current breached data directly from the criminal underground and make that data truly actionable through our unique data cleansing and password cracking process, resulting in the most plaintext passwords in the industry.

Their data is highly relevant to your business, with more matches than any other company can provide, and is immediately useful on day one.

Want more information about SpyCloud?

Want more information about SpyCloud?

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