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Predictive prioritization is now available in

Tenable has announced that Predictive Prioritization is now available in Tenable.IO to help you focus first on the security issues that matter most. If everything is important, then noting truly is. Predictive Prioritization is a game-changer for risk-based vulnerability management.

The traditional method op prioritizing vulnerabilities using CVSS has significant limitations. CVSS is designed to identify the technical severity of a vulnerability. What people seem to want to know, instead, is the risk a vulnerability or flaw poses to them, or how quickly they should respond to a vulnerability.



Predictive Prioritization generates a Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) score ranging from 1 (lowest risk) to 10 (highest risk), which changes with the threat landscape. VPR is now a core data element in to help you prioritize remediation based on actual cyber risk.

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