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Proofpoint – The human factor report

Today cyber criminals target people as well, not only infrastructures or technologies. Why are people such an appealing target, and what do these personalized cyber-attacks look like?

Based on threat data from the billion daily email messages ProofPoint already protects, they have written a Human Factor Report. In this report you will learn how attackers exploit human nature to trick users into installing malware, wiring money in fraudulent transactions, handling over sensitive data, and more.


Key findings

  • Very Attacked People aren’t usually VIPs – The most attacked people within your organization have easily discovered identities and so become “targets of opportunity”.
  • Social engineering is pervasive and now extends to business email compromise (BEC) and credential phishing whose success mostly depends on human frailties and common errors.
  • Emails or approaches originating from fraudulent domains is key as it lends a sense of legitimacy to these attacks.

Download  the report

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