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Secutec closes €8.6 million government cybersecurity deal

March 23, 2021. The Belgian federal government signed a contract with cybersecurity firm Secutec to gain access to a range of internationally renowned databases containing the most up-to-date cyber security information. The Center for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) will use these databases to collect, process and then share information with vulnerable targets in the country.


“These databases, which are constantly updated with the latest threats, give the government a unique cyber intelligence advantage,” said Geert Baudewijns, CEO of Secutec, who won the contract that will be in effect for the next 4 years.

“We are talking about the so-called ‘cyber-intelligence feeds’ that provide insight into millions of viruses, hacks, phishing websites, botnets and more. The contract allows the government to perform all kinds of risk assessment and analysis on threats faced by Belgian surfers, commercial entities and public institutions.”

Secutec, based in Aartselaar near Antwerp, was awarded the government contract after it came out first during a public tender. It’s about an investment of almost 8.6 million euros over a period of four years. “We have been working with the Belgian authorities for years, but previously always in an information sharing role and in assisting companies that have been hacked. This is our first commercial deal with the government and the CCB and we are obviously proud of this cooperation”.


Building a “Security-Google”

As part of the contract, Secutec will set up a ‘cybersecurity search engine’. This will allow analysts to perform searches on current threats in an even faster manner. “This project is currently under development and will be launched by the end of the year”, says Secutec CEO Geert Baudewijns, who adds: “With all of these steps, Belgium will be at the forefront of protection against cyber security threats, something we can all be proud of.”

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