Security Monitoring

Maintaining an optimal security-level is a full-time job. That is why we offer monitoring services to unburden our clients by observing their environment and alerting them in the event of emergency.

For our monitoring services we focus on McAfee enterprise Policy Orchestrator, a user interface for easy security management. It is a fantastic product that truly facilitates your security management. However, correct use of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is rather time-consuming and sometimes complicated. We offer three support formulas, namely Secutec Managed ePO Light, Advanced & Enterprise. Each formula offers a different service level.

Managed ePO Light

In this formula we do not only implement your ePolicy Orchestrator environment, we also maintain it. After we have prepared the baseline configuration, we customize the standard settings according your needs. Once the ePO environment is deployed, we introduce monthly review cycles to screen the current security status of your environment. Based on these sessions, we make recommendations for modifications such as policy changes, patch updates as well as other software upgrades. There is an option to link the Managed ePolicy Orchestrator Light contract with an Enterprise Support contract. This way we can quickly respond to problems occurring in your environment. The conditions are the same as in the standard Enterprise Support contract, but at a reduced price.

MePO Light includes:

  • Monthly report by McAfee CSE
  • Optional Enterprise Support contract at a reduced price

Managed ePO Advanced

In the advanced variant of our Managed Services, we take responsibility for an up-to-date network. This contract includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in which it is clearly stated that Secutec is responsible for the management of your end stations. We roll out new patches and other software upgrades to the network but only after we have tested and you have approved them. This creates a clear definition of compliancy and we guarantee that your network is continuously compliant. We monitor your environment 24/7 and take immediate action if necessary. Each week we report all operations carried out, provide feedback concerning the compliancy level of your network, and report whether viruses are detected.

MePO Advanced includes:

  • Secutec is fully responsible for compliancy
  • 24/7 monitoring of your network
  • Weekly report by McAfee CSE
  • Management of your ePO Server within your network
  • Service Level Agreement outlines responsibilities

Managed ePO Enterprise

In the Managed ePolicy Orchestrator Enterprise formula, we check all network devices for vulnerabilities, varying from non-compliance with a password policy to a lack of critical patches. Here the focus is not only on Windows systems but it even provides insight into the security status of your printers. We continuously monitor your network and provide you with weekly reports from the McAfee Vulnerability Manager, including a clear list of actions that must be undertaken, listed according level of emergency.

MePO Enterprise includes:

  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager checks all systems in your network
  • 24/7 monitoring of your network
  • Weekly McAfee report, monthly Vulnerability manager report
  • Complete ePO Server within your own network
  • Service Level Agreement outlines responsibilities

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