Security Screenings

During these sessions, we screen your company’s IT environment and list all flaws in your company’s security infrastructure. Based on these results, we give advice about necessary actions to correct the security leeks. According to the required or desired level of security, adjusted security screening formulas are offered:

ePO Screening

Buying the right security tools does not necessarily mean that your network is secure. It is the accurate integration and updating of all of these components that ensures whether or not your professional environment is safe for internal and external attacks.

The Secutec ePO Screening is a two hour security screening of your McAfee environment. During this session, our McAfee Certified Engineers take a closer look at your ePO Console and highlight the flaws and weaknesses in your set-up and policy design. The report enables you to optimize your McAfee environment and to maximize your return on investment.

The screening service includes:

  • 2 hour remote session
  • Check-up of current software versions
  • Professional advice regarding necessary updates, complementary software and unnecessary extensions
  • Health check ePO database
  • Policy Management: Review and Inheritance check
  • Threat log analysis
  • Server tasks/Automatic responses
  • User Management analysis
  • Back-up Management analysis

Vulnerability Scan

Every day, new viruses and hacking methods are developed. This means that a perfectly secure network can become vulnerable overnight. In order to keep your network secure, it is imperative to keep up with the latest trends and to regularly update your security system.

Separating the weak from the secure network places is essential in efficiently updating your security system. The Secutec Vulnerability Scan helps you to locate all weaknesses and provides accurate solutions to resolve these issues. During a three day screening session, our McAfee Certified Engineers subsequently deploy a virtual environment in your network, perform an Asset Scan on the most important IP addresses, analyze the results and give advice regarding accurate security solutions.

The scan service includes

  • Three day on-site screening session
  • Asset discovery
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Patch management scan
  • Web application scan
  • (Non)Intrusive scan, including wireless, web, shell and windows vulnerability scan
  • PCI compliancy scans, including SANS, PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, HIPAA scan

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