SaaSforce provides state of the art SaaS Security services and eCommerce solutions worldwide.

SaaSforce BV is a Dutch based company with more than 10 years of experience in delivering SaaS security services and eCommerce solutions in the ICT security space.  Our high-profile experience and dedicated service is appreciated by small and large business partners. Operating from Antwerp (B), Breda (NL) and Montreal (CA) we assist our customers & partners with tailor made solutions that fit their ICT security needs. We translate the complexity of the actual problem into a worry-free implementation and usable solution.

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Tech Update | Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

OMIGOD vulnerability on Azure users with Linux VMs exposed to security vulnerability

Information Microsoft Exchange

Duizenden bedrijven blijven kwetsbaar voor Microsoft Exchange hack

Eerste hulp bij ransomware aanval

Belgische bedrijven betalen elk jaar 100 miljoen euro losgeld aan cybercriminelen

Secutec maakt einde aan ransomwareaanval op 50 Belgische bedrijven

Cyberafpersing in opmars

Wat te doen als je bedrijf slachtoffer wordt van Ransomware?

Proactief handelen tegen cybercriminaliteit

8,6 miljoen euro voor Belgische cyberveiligheid

Secutec closes €8.6 million government cybersecurity deal

Meer dan 1.000 bedrijven, gemeentes en ziekenhuizen in ons land lopen acuut gevaar voor hackers

Request your Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability check today!

Secure DNS keeps expanding!

Explosieve toename hacks en datadiefstal volgens rapport AP

Secutec is expanding to the Netherlands!

Kaspersky – Solarwinds vulnerability

Cisco AMP for Endpoints Announcement – SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

Tenable – SolarWinds Backdoor Mitigation Guidance and Tenable Detection Support

McAfee – Threat Intelligence Update | SUNBURST Malware and SolarWinds Software Supply Chain Compromise

Cybereason Expands Operations in the Benelux with Secutec

Secutec getuigt in parlementaire commissie over cybercriminaliteit

Urgent Tech Update – Critical vulnerability on windows DNS server

Kaspersky – Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Kaspersky – Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Netwrix – Netwrix Auditor 9.95

McAfee – Release EDR 3.1

McAfee – Gateway Anti-Malware Engine phased rollout

McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.6.1 and 10.7.0 April Monthly Update

Urgent Tech Update – Vulnerability on McAfee ENS that could allow a malware to delete files

Kaspersky – Kaspersky Security Center 12

Kaspersky – Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.3.0 for Windows

Healthcare promo instructions

Tenable – Remote worker offer

Digital hygiene in times of corona and remote working. What can you do as an employee?

4 tips to keep your employees and company’s data safe and sound during remote working

Cyber security specialists Secutec warn against corona phishing and hacking

Kaspersky – Endpoint Security 11.2.0: Critical Fix 1

Kaspersky – Security 10 for Mobile Update 9

McAfee – End of Life Notices

McAfee – Data Exchange Layer Broker (Windows) update fixes

McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.7.0 Feb update now available

BeyondTrust – Privilege Management for Windows 5.5 SR1

BeyondTrust – Endpoint Privilege Management as-a-service

Urgent Tech Update – Microsoft advisory ADV190023

Urgent Tech Update – Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability

This was our Security Summit 2019

McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.7.x Release

McAfee – Web Gateway 7.7, EOL December 31, 2019

McAfee – ePO 5.10 Update 5

BeyondTrust – Privilege Management for Windows 5.5

Kaspersky – Threat Intelligence Portal

Kaspersky – Endpoint Security update

Tenable Extends Cyber Exposure Analytics in Lumin with First-Ever Assessment Maturity Score

Proofpoint – The human factor report

BeyondTrust – Privilege Management for Windows 5.4

Netwrix – Auditor 9.9

McAfee – Threat Intelligence Exchange Server 3.0.0

McAfee – ENS 10.6.1 October update

McAfee – MPOWER recap

October means the start of the European Cyber Security Month!

McAfee ATD updates and end of life announcements

Data Classification Platform of Netwrix Now Available

McAfee IPS hardware end of life

Yubikey 5Ci for iOS Now Available

McAfee ENS 10.6.1 repost of the July update

Fortinet: Vulnerability issues

Predictive prioritization is now available in

Kaspersky benoemt Secutec tot Benelux-partner van het jaar

YUBICO – Go passwordless with Yubikey and Microsoft!

McAfee – Emerging Issue for Exploit Prevention

Watch out for man-in-the-browser-attacks

McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.5.5 and 10.6.1

McAfee – ePolicy Orchestrator 5.10.0 Update 4

This was our Endpoint Security Day

Tenable – Predictive prioritization is now available

Netwrix – Release Auditor 9.8

Proofpoint – Customer award Security Awareness Training

McAfee – Release Web Gateway 8.1.3

McAfee – Upcoming product releases

Kaspersky announces a rebranding

Jelle Veyt in de media over de file op de hoogste berg ter wereld

Meet the new BeyondTrust

Kaspersky – Updates on Kaspersky Security Center

Proofpoint – Essentials wins customers’s choice award

McAfee – Bug Agent 5.6 resolved

McAfee – Microsoft Windows May 2019 Update Affects McAfee Products

McAfee – Endpoint Security 10.6.1 May Update

Palo Alto Networks – Release Traps 6.0

Kaspersky – Endpoint Security 11.1

McAfee – End of Support for the FTP

McAfee – Agent 5.6 (bug)

McAfee – ePO 5.10 Update 3

McAfee – Threat Advisory for Ransom-Goga

Sit back and relax, this was Infosecurity 2019

Kaspersky – Endpoint Security 11.0.1

BeyondTrust (Avecto) – DefendPoint

CyberArk – Security Bulletin CA19-02

CyberArk – Endpoint Privilege Manager 10.7

McAfee Reminders

McAfee – Hotfix Resolves Data Exchange Layer Vulnerabilities

McAfee – Release TIE 2.3.1

McAfee – ePO Support Center Now Available

Kaspersky KPSN in samenwerking met SaaSForce

Secutec News – Bakkerijspecialist Ranson gehackt, Secutec schiet te hulp

Kaspersky – Belgium gives green light

CyberArk – Privilege Manager 10.6

McAfee – SaaS Endpoint products

McAfee – ATD 4.6 is now available

McAfee – DXL 5.0 Release

Netwrix – Acquires Concept Searching to expand Data Security offerings

This was MPOWER 2018 in Rome

Summary of our Security Summit

Secutec News – We are expanding our security offering with Avecto!

Secutec News – Our new partnership with Splunk!

Secutec News – Kaspersky Private Security Network solution – together with SaaSForce

Netwrix – eBook: 7 Questions for assessing data security in the enterprise

Secutec News – Belgian Economic Mission to Argentina and Uruguay

Secutec News – How one spelling mistake can destroy your business

This was InfoSecurity 2018

Netwrix Auditor Launches an eBook about GDPR

Secutec news – Successful edition of our New Years Conference

2017 Record Year for Cybersecurity Breaches, Ransomware and Exploits

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