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EPO Training

During a two or three day training we will offer you the first steps in the right direction of better operating your McAfee environment and also deal with new features and improvements of version 5.10.


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The ePO training addresses the basics of managing McAfee products through ePO, as well as a brief introduction to McAfee Threat Intelligence (DAC and Real Protect).




Installation best practices

Server settings


Software distribution

Registered servers

System Tree

Tagging & Sorting

McAfee Agent

Server Tasks

Client tasks


User accounts and permissions sets

Queries and deployment techniques

Queries -reporting and dashboards

Endpoint Security 10.5

Automatic Responses

Agent Handlers

Policy Assignment

Global Threat Intelligence

Rogue System detection

VSE migration to ENS

Daily, weekly and monthly tasks



During this extra day of training we will give a more advanced workshop with the focus on Best Practices, Use-Cases per product, DLP and Threat Intelligence. Your input is very useful and even important during this day. Our experts are able to focus on your specific environment during this workshop.

Training Types

Basically we have two type of trainings:

  • Basic Training: administrators who haven’t worked with the McAfee ePO environment.
  • Advanced Training: administrators or security co-workers who want to learn all about ePO 5.9.


But as we organize these trainings on demand, these courses are always based on your environment and your knowledge level.

The training can be organized on site for multiple employees or at our Secutec Office in Aartselaar.



Specialized foreknowledge is not required. Most people who attend these trainings are administrations, system engineers, … We do ask a general foreknowledge of IT and system management like: Windows, domains-AD and network related items such as ports & protocols.



For more information and prices, please contact us via the form below.

Based on your needs, we will be happy to create a custom made training.


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