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Hands-on workshop | Cybereason test flight

Get into the cockpit of the Cybereason Defense Platform and join us in a fully interactive attack simulation to experience what it is like to be the Victim, Attacker and the Defender. You put your hands on the mouse and keyboard to click the phish, lead the digital assault, and then ultimately join the defense against yourself.



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An interactive endeavor

Get inside the brains of today’s cyber-attackers and see how world-class defenders are using their skills and tools to reverse the adversary advantage and put an end to cyber attacks.

You’ll come away with a deep understanding of the attacker’s motivations, behaviors, strategies, how you can gain the upper hand over them and why current security approaches are failing.

You won’t just be watching another webinar, but getting hands-on keyboard access to Cybereason’s Defense Platform.


Register for one of the test flights via the link below:


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