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Bolster your back-up strategy with SecureRESPONSE


The importance of an effective recovery plan


Every alarm indicator is going off because your company has just been hacked! No problem, you think: “We’ll heal the wounds and use our back-ups to restore all the data.” But, as it turns out, the hackers have had untethered access to everything and everyone in your company for months – and they infected every back-up. Now what? Time for a solid recovery plan with Secutec SecureRESPONSE.

You cannot overestimate the importance of a well-thought-out backup strategy for your business. But is it enough?

Today, hackers employ two strategies: the ‘hit-and-run’, for example, is on the rise – where criminals enter the network via ransomware, encrypt everything they can immediately get their hands on and escape again. But even more often hackers, especially those specifically targeting you, like to hide in your corporate network for months on end to get a complete overview of all data and structures present. Including the backup strategy in place. This is why today, a solid strategy goes hand in hand with a pre-defined recovery plan


Look beyond your back-ups

As hackers increasingly work towards creating a roadmap of your entire business, including back-up strategy, you should always assume that those back-ups are no longer safe in case of a cyber incident. Worst (but most common) case, there will be no way to recover your data and get business processes running optimally again. Because when you try to recover your business data with infected back-ups, you end up right back where you started.

“Over 90% of all hackers specifically target back-ups[1].”

Figures from 2021 indicate that 21% of all backups are disabled before ransomware is activated[2]. More recent figures from 2023 also say that more than 90% of all hackers specifically target attacking back-ups[3]. This does not mean that it no longer makes sense to make back-ups, quite the contrary, but rather that this should not be your only solution to fall back on in case of a cyberattack.


Hand in glove with your back-up strategy: recovery plans

A well-thought-out backup strategy remains an essential component of any cybersecurity strategy. But: it must go hand in glove with a thorough, pre-thought-out recovery plan. What should happen when things go wrong? Who should take on which tasks? Who takes charge of communications and who ensures proper project follow-up?

Any hardened security officer knows: even the best-laid plans will be thwarted by reality. Sooner or later, despite your best preparations, a hacker will find his way inside and then you need action. Secutec SecureRESPONSE should therefore be an integral part of your preparations. With this Incident Response Service, we guarantee the very best follow-up and support in the event of a cyber incident.

From our Secutec Security Operations Centre (SOC), you are assisted by cyber experts who nip ongoing attacks in the bud and immediately work out a recovery plan. They also carry out an extensive forensic analysis to check the origin of the attack, identify the damage caused and any data stolen. They check what state the back-ups are in as well and whether they are a solid basis for a restart.


Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

There is no miracle cure that covers all possible risks. However, with a subscription to Secutec SecureRESPONSE, you do enjoy the best possible aftercare in the event of a cyber incident. For example, our Service Level Agreement guarantees a flying start of your SecureRESPONSE project within 4 hours of your initial ransomware notification. If necessary, we also perform negotiations with hackers on behalf of our clients.


Want to know more about Secutec SecureRESPONSE? Contact our cybersecurity experts today. They will be happy to give you more info on our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and how Secutec can take care of aftercare in case of a cyber incident. If you want to know more about comprehensive cybersecurity, make sure to take a look at Secutec SecureSIGHT.




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