Training & Events


Training and Events

Keeping your IT department continually updated to the latest threats and vulnerabilities is key in a cyber security strategy. Secutec can provide tailor made training and awareness programs for your company, or you can join us on our training days, that are organised at various dates throughout the year.


Webinar Secutec SecureDNS – FR

Saviez-vous que le DNS est un maillon important de toute connexion Internet ? Beaucoup d'entreprises n'envisagent toujours pas la surveillance et la sécurité des requêtes DNS et que cela soit précisément un risque, selon un récent rapport de Gartner*, que les cybercriminels exploitent pour envahir votre réseau.
Anticipez ce risque avec Secutec SecureDNS. Ayez une longueur d'avance sur les cybercriminels et surveillez, détectez et bloquez toutes les connexions Internet malveillantes. Secutec SecureDNS offre une couche de protection complémentaire à de votre cybersécurité actuelle.

calendar-icon 13/12/2022
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Webinar Secutec SecureDNS – NL

Wist je dat DNS een belangrijke schakel is bij elke internet-connectie? Heel wat bedrijven maken nog geen gebruik van DNS-request monitoring & beveiliging. En laat nu net dit een risico zijn dat cybercriminelen misbruiken om jou netwerk binnen te dringen, volgens een recent rapport van Gartner*.

Voorkom dit risico met Secutec SecureDNS. Wees cybercriminelen een stap voor en monitor, detecteer en blokkeer alle malicieuze internetconnecties. Secutec SecureDNS biedt een extra, maar noodzakelijke, beschermlaag bovenop jouw huidige cybersecurity.

calendar-icon 13/12/2022
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Phished Academy – Cybersecurity training for your employees

90% of cyberattacks start with a human error.
That’s why Phished focuses on the human side of cybersecurity.
The fully-automated AI-driven training software combines personalised, realistic phishing simulations with the educational program of the Phished Academy.

calendar-icon To be confirmed
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Webinar Cybereason | Cyber attack simulation

Join us to see the monochrome world of an Attacker take on a Defender with the Cybereason Defense Platform. The attack will start with a phish and then take nearly every step in the kill chain, culminating with the deployment of Ransomware. You’ll come away with new knowledge on today’s attack campaigns and insights on how defenders can gain the upper hand.

calendar-icon To be confirmed
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Hands-on workshop | Cybereason test flight

Get into the cockpit of the Cybereason Defense Platform and join us in a fully interactive attack simulation to experience what it is like to be the Victim, Attacker and the Defender. You put your hands on the mouse and keyboard to click the phish, lead the digital assault, and then ultimately join the defense against yourself.

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  • Cybereason
  • Tanium
  • Beyond Trust
  • Bit Sight
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  • Spy Cloud
  • DarkTrace
  • Domain Tools
  • Recorded Future
  • Intel 471
  • Fortinet
  • Barracuda
  • Tenable
  • Netwrix
  • Yubico
  • Proofpoint
  • Cloudflare
  • Phished
  • Sophos

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