Provider of integrated security solutions for a fast, efficient, secure and enjoyable IT experience.

Secutec was founded by Geert Baudewijns in September 2005 to meet the market’s needs for security solutions. The idea was to establish a strong link between vendors & distributors on the one hand, and professional clients on the other. The objective was to provide businesses with integrated security solutions for a fast, efficient, secure and enjoyable IT experience.


We add value to the products sold by offering complementary services. From installation to screening & monitoring to problem analysis & solving, our services cover every aspect of the security spectrum. Our support team is trained to provide fast and efficient security solutions. The members are genuine security experts, at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


News & Updates

13 Jun 2018
McAfee Web Gateway Vulnerabilities

Five vulnerabilities in McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) have been discovered and resolved. AFFECTED SOFTWARE CVE-2018-6667: MWG 7.8.1.x CVE-2018-1124: MWG 7.6.x, MWG 7.7.x, and MWG 7.8.x CVE-2017-12940, CVE-2017-12941, and CVE-2017-12942: MWG 7.6.x, MWG 7.7.x, and MWG 7.8.x REMEDIATED/PATCHED VERSIONS The vulnerability is remediated in these versions: MWG (Main Release) MWG (Controlled Release) IMPACT CVE-2018-6667 […]

31 May 2018
Secutec News – How one spelling mistake can destroy your business

Each day fake promotions appear on the internet.  Customer receive a phishing message, social media post or email with an offer they can’t resist.  Once they click on the fake URL the customer will be scammed.  Hackers use a new method called punycode in URL’s. This technique makes it more difficult to detect if the […]

Popular Services

Security Implementation

Installation of the acquired products by the Secutec engineers to ensure an optimal integration

Security Monitoring

We monitor your network security, so you have more time for your core business.

Training & Events

14 Jun 2018
McAfee Expert Days - The place to share you knowledge

After a successful first and second edition of our McAfee Expert days we are happy to announce the new dates for this year’s McAfee Expert Days.

Four workshops – one every quarter, 4 different locations, people that are willing to learn more about McAfee, Secutec (McAfee) Experts and an open mind are the ingredients for these  workshops.

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