Cloud Security

We use various cloud applications every day. But … are all these solutions equally safe? Discover the added value of Cloud Security.

An increasing number of applications are becoming cloud applications, which enables easier communication with each other. This not only brings more opportunities, but also introduces concerns about security. The actions of cloud applications must, in fact, be closely monitored and controlled. New solutions to ensure Cloud Security are therefore required.

The cloud has triggered a true revolution in just a few years. Both private individuals and companies are making use of cloud services, whether they are aware of this or not. Conscious use of cloud services is usually secure, but the unconscious aspect implies many threats. Just think of the (free) online PDF converters many of your employees use. Few people are aware of where the data from your converted PDFs ends up.

Abuse of cloud applications or data breaches by cloud providers should not be a reason to place your (sensitive) data at risk. It is therefore essential to protect data in the cloud, and to secure cloud services. To do this, you require additional insights about the data that is stored and processed in the cloud.

Data Loss Prevention & Cloud Access Security Brokers help you with this. They ensure that your data does not end up in the cloud without your approval. In this way, you can sleep soundly at night, and will be fully in line with the regulations in force.


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