Data Protection

Data breaches are one of the major threats for companies. How can you regain control of the data within your company?

In recent years, data breaches have developed into one of the major threats for businesses. Company data is very often the target when it comes to security breaches. It is therefore crucially important to fully protect sensitive or personal data. The right solution protects your data and enables you to regain full control over it.

The possibility of vulnerabilities or attacks is (unfortunately) always present. That’s why you should look for solutions that analyse your data and its movements. The protection of sensitive, important or personal data starts, in fact, with its localisation. You can only be one step ahead of attackers if you have complete control over your data.

It is therefore particularly important to optimise the management of all data within your company. By this, we not only refer to normal PDFs or documents. We mean all the data in your infrastructure: logins and passwords, database contents, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Solutions for data protection will provide you with additional insights and control. On the one hand, they protect the data that is shared from hard disks or online exchange platforms. And they also focus on the classification, encryption and protection of your important databases on the other. In this way, you have control over all your data, you will receive alerts in the case of breaches, and will be able to intervene immediately where necessary.

It is therefore the ideal way to protect your data.

Advantages of Virtual Security

  • Protection of important and sensitive information.
  • The data of customers and staff is protected.
  • Data protection will save you time and money in the future.
  • You can see exactly where any data is located, and who is working with it.

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