Recorded Future

Recorded Future’s aim is ambitious: to organize and analyze threat data in an entirely new and different way for better, faster security.


What drives them

They believe that intelligence is the key to unlocking the potential of security programs – and protecting their organizations and communities. They believe that security solutions should do just that: be solutions – helping to solve big problems and reduce risk. They know that the right intelligence, in the hands of the right people, at the right time, stops attackers in their tracks.


What they are after

What it means to be a ‘threat’ is changing – countries, independent attackers, third parties – and everyone is a potential target. And while the list of threats is growing, digital transformation is vastly expanding the attack surface for every organization. Our goal is to add meaningful context to every threat and every security function.


What they do

With more than 1 billion Intelligence Cards™ at your fingertips, they give security teams the information they need to exponentially amplify the power of their security programs. Whether you’re in a SOC, managing a vulnerability management team, or responding to incidents, they provide critical data that amplifies and accelerates your work.


Want more information about Recorded Future?

Want more information about Recorded Future?

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