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Secutec Security Summit reveals the secrets of the Darknet

Mechelen, 17 November 2023 – During the eighth edition of the Secutec Security Summit, around one hundred and fifty customers, partners, IT professionals and students came to learn about the dark corners of the Darknet. The seminar, hosted at Technopolis in Mechelen, dealt extensively with what lurks in the dark, where corporate data is easily accessible which can lead to serious hacks. The choice of Technopolis as the venue, an organisation that, like Secutec, values innovation, also underlined the close cooperation between the two parties.

“Every year, the Secutec Security Summit provides an excellent opportunity to meet our customers, partners and potential interested parties,” said Geert Baudewijns, CEO of Secutec. “But this year we also welcomed about 20 students. The Summit offers them an excellent platform to gain insight into the practical realities of cyber security. It is, as it were, a broadening of their education and a first introduction to Secutec and our services. We were also delighted to welcome Technopolis CEO Stéphane Berghmans on stage to explain our cooperation. Some time ago, after a cyber attack on Technopolis, we went through an incident response process with them and implemented recovery plans. Today, this progressive technology hub is more secure than ever before.”

Focus on own innovations

In addition to its role as an experienced system integrator, Secutec has been focusing strongly on the development of its own services and solutions for several years. Thus, the innovations Secutec SecureDNS, SecureSIGHT and SecureRESPONSE could count on a lot of attention from the many attendees.

“We are working hard to expand and improve our solutions and the platform on which our customers can access their corporate data,” Baudewijns explained. “Through the Secutec Portal, customers get a detailed view of their organisation’s security, areas of concern and critical reports. We make it easier than ever to understand all security issues within companies and how to respond appropriately.”

  • Secutec SecureDNS
    SecureDNS adds a necessary layer of security to an organisation’s security setup. Outgoing DNS requests are tested against the Secutec cyber threat intelligence database fed by thousands of leading sources. Malicious domains are automatically blocked so that viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks, among others, do not have a chance to trigger a dangerous payload.
  • Secutec SecureSIGHT
    SecureSIGHT acts as the in-house security team of organisations, so to speak, whereby full Threat Intelligence is provided as a managed service. It proactively identifies potential vulnerabilities and monitors the Darknet for credential leakage, among other things. Reactively, Secutec SecureSIGHT adds best-in-class XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) to an organisation’s security setup. The Secutec Security Operations Centre (SOC) collects all data on possible attacks, adds context to reports and delivers actionable data and interpreted insights. Finally, all measures taken are validated by an autonomous penetration test where we try to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the target environment to assess existing security measures.
  • Secutec SecureRESPONSE
    In case a cyber incident does occur, Secutec SecureRESPONSE ensures the very best follow-up and support. From the SOC, customers are assisted by cyber experts who stop ongoing attacks and draw up a recovery plan. On the basis of an extensive forensic analysis, we check where the attack originated, what damage was caused and what data were possibly stolen. If necessary, we also act as negotiator with hackers on behalf of our clients.

Strong partnerships

Some leading vendors such as Spycloud, Tenable and SentinelOne had the opportunity to demonstrate their products in more detail during the Summit. For customers who were already familiar with Secutec’s own solutions, these live demos were a valuable addition in how they work, as these vendor software act as essential building blocks within our overall solutions.

The afternoon ended ‘in theme’ during the networking event with some scientific cocktails, food & drinks, interesting conversations and a mentalist who used his dark magic, so to speak, to invade our consciousness.

Secutec Security Summit 2024

The cyber Security landscape is in constant evolution. So another Secutec Security Summit is planned next year. More details will be announced later. 

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