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DoT and DoH on Secutec SecureDNS servers


Two weeks ago we announced the upcoming upgrades of our core Secutec SecureDNS servers, which were executed as planned. We took the opportunity of this maintenance window to enable DoT and DoH on the Secutec SecureDNS servers.


Technical Information

  • DoT, short for DNS over TLS, encrypts DNS traffic and sends it over TCP port 853 instead of UDP
  • DoH, short for DNS over HTTPS, encrypts DNS traffic and sends it over HTTPS – this is enabled natively in Windows and some browsers. DNS over unencrypted HTTP remains disabled on our servers though.

More information about enabling DoH under windows can be found on our Secutec SecureDNS support page. Please note that most support articles are locked behind a Secutec SecureDNS customer login.




How to login on Secutec SecureDNS support page

If you are a Secutec SecureDNS customer and your e-mail address was provided as recipient for Secutec SecureDNS ticket alerts when onboarded to Secutec SecureDNS you already have an account. Please login in using your credentials.


Woops, I forgot my password

Can’t remember your password? Please Fill in your e-mail address and select ‘Forgot my password’. You will receive new password instructions via email, giving you access to your SecureDNS support account and to the customer-only information.


I don’t have an account yet

You don’t have access to our Secutec SecureDNS page? Please contact us via and we will create an user account for you.

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