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McAfee – Threat Intelligence Exchange Server 3.0.0

Threat Intelligence Exchange Server (TIE) 3.0.0 is now available.

This release includes the following main features:

  • Enable a new External Reputation Provider in your environment through OpenDXL
  • Improved handling and alerting on Unknown files
  • Import wizard now enables you to import CSV files apart from STIX files
  • Updated DXL Metadata Aggregation for local intelligence to reduce bandwidth as well as the number of messages that TIE server needs to process

The following components and libraries have also been updated:

  • Updated PostgreSQL to 10.9
  • Added Bouncy Castle cryptography libraries
  • Updated Zulu JRE (Java) to
  • Updated Jetty server to 9.4
  • Updated the VMware Virtual Hardware version to 11 that matches ESXi server 6+ (OVA only)

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