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Netwrix – eBook: 7 Questions for assessing data security in the enterprise

Why you should assess the security of your file servers

It is hard to imagine an enterprise today that does not rely on file servers for storing data, including valuable and sensitive information such as cardholder data, medical records or financial statements. This makes file servers an attractive target for all sort of attackers, from anonymous hackers to disgruntled employees.

How to assess file server or NAS security

This eBook provides you with a comprehensive guide for assessing data security risks on a file server, NAS or any other network share. By answering the 7 audit questions listed, you can determine how you can better secure the file servers and other file storage in your organization. In particular, this eBook will help you check whether you are really in control of two key cornerstones of file server and NAS security: access permissions and data access.


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