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Secutec is expanding to the Netherlands!

We are proud to announce that Secutec the Netherlands is opening its doors this week. Because of the growing success in Belgium, the requests to open a branch with our  northern neighbors grew every  month.

The head office is established in Blaricum, not far from Utrecht and Amsterdam. Secutec the Netherlands will be managed by Martijn van Lom and Bas van Ek who have gained a lot of knowledge and experience as specialists at the international security company Kaspersky.

Van Lom and Van Ek started more than twenty years ago at a distributor for software.  Over the years they have worked together as colleagues in several positions. The last ten years they worked together at the international security company Kaspersky. They have successfully founded and managed the Kaspersky office on the Dutch market.  Together they were responsible for as well SMB’s and larger clients with the most diverse security issues.


Martijn van Lom, CEO Secutec the Netherlands

Martijn has more than fifteen years of experience in a management position at Kaspersky and he was director for Northern Europe until the end of 2020. At Secutec he will manage the commercial activities and the development of our customer portfolio.


Bas van Ek, CTO Secutec the Netherlands

Bas is founder of Secutec the Netherlands and technical director. He has gained a lot of experience in the security market as head of pre-sales at Kaspersky and he was also a member of the Management Team for the continuity and innovation of new products.

Secutec the Netherlands’ mission is to be the most reliable and innovative ITC security specialist. An appropriate security strategy, minimizing risks and ensuring that an organization is resilient against the most advanced cyber-attacks.



“We have several international clients, not just in Europe but also in the US and in Asia.  Most of our clients are based in Belgium but recently we are growing fast in the Netherlands.  Therefore we have decided to open Secutec Netherlands so we can offer the Dutch market our best service.” says Secutec CEO Geert Baudewijns.





“Cybersecurity is dealing with a lot of new threats and technological developments all the time” says Martijn van Lom.  “Clients therefore chose more and more for companies as Secutec who have years of experience, excellent technical know-how and references of top level!”





“We work according the framework of adaptive security” says Bas van Ek.  ‘This principle contains 4 crucial elements: to predict, to prevent, to signal and to react.  These steps are of utmost importance in the 21st Century, and Secutec  can assist in every step of this process like no other ”.



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