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This was Cybersec Europe 2022


Yes! We have enjoyed Cybersec Europe 2022! After 3 years we finally met each other again in person. We could proudly show you on Cybersec Europe that we haven’t been idle the past years, we introduced you to our two own developed cybersecurity solutions: Secutec SecureDNS and Secutec SecureSIGHT.


Secutec SecureDNS, the fastest, most powerful protection on the market

Internet traffic and DNS queries are the main gateway for malware, phishing, ransomware and other cyberattacks. Failing to secure your DNS connections could lead to any cybercrime, such as expensive company downtime and catastrophic data theft. Secutec SecureDNS helps you to monitor and protect your company network, by detecting and blocking malicious DNS queries that your current anti-spam, firewall and proxies are not yet aware of. It is the most effective security solution to outsmart malware, phishing attacks or any other cyberattack.


What is Secutec SecureDNS?



Is your company data exposed on the dark web? – Secutec Secure SIGHT

Discover how Threat Intelligence can help you make better decisions. You have already invested heavily in security infrastructure to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks. Yet too often you still have the feeling that you are putting out ad hoc fires. In short, you are still unsure about your current cybersecurity policy.

With SecureSIGHT we view your company from a threat actor perspective, we help you to stay ahead of account takeover and targeted attacks, we monitor all your devices that are accessible from the internet and we scan them for vulnerabilities.


The recording of Cybersec Europe Session ‘Hacked?! What now, to pay or not to pay?’ given by our CEO Geert Baudewijns is now available!

Today, you can’t deny that cybersecurity requires more attention to investment than ever before in large and small companies. Imagine an employee clicks on a wrong link and all your company data is encrypted. Everyone always thinks, “It won’t happen to me,” but the opposite is true: it can happen to anyone.

What is the impact of a ransomware attack on your firm and how do you deal with it? What if you become a victim of a ransomware attack? What is the impact of this on your business? How do you deal with it? And the most important question, to pay or not to pay to get your encrypted data back?  

Rewatch the session ‘Hacked?! What now, to pay or not to pay?’ and get all the answers to these questions:

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