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This was our Endpoint Security Day

A day dedicated to Endpoint Security, to inform you about the future of Endpoint Security. To show you our different solutions. To make sure you can ask all your questions. And to let you enjoy the summer.


Five vendors, five Endpoint Security Solutions

Every vendor had 30 minutes time to convenience you about their Endpoint Security solution. Why should you choose their solutions and not the one from the competitor? What are the key benefits for your company when you protect your endpoints? Why is Endpoint Security so important? And to many more questions… The answer to these questions was given by our vendors McAfee, Kaspersky, Symantec, BeyondTrust and Palo Alto Networks.

To recap the day – in a panel interview we made a general conclusion of the day. What should people keep in mind about your presentation and whey should companies still invest in a separate security solution while Microsoft is offering this for free? Very interesting opinions came up.


Chilling and grilling at the city beach of Antwerp

Networking at the city beach of Antwerp with an amazing view at the skyline of Antwerp… Enjoying a delicious summer barbecue in the evening when watching to sunset …also this was our endpoint security day!

And YES we had some struggles with the rain… but let’s not forget… live isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!


Hope to see you at our next event!



Ontvang alle techupdates in je mailbox!

Ontvang alle techupdates in je mailbox!