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"With Secutec we can count on a team of specialists as if they were internal co-workers."

As a large organization with a small base of employees, it is difficult to keep all potential security holes sealed. Care Property Invest explains how they manage to do just that.

Care Property Invest is a regulated, listed real estate company that invests in care properties for seniors and people with disabilities. They operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland, and they own 150 properties.

"Secutec SecureSIGHToffers complete protection with continuous penetration testing. It's a lot more than we would be able to do by ourselves."

Steven Geniar, ICT Manager

The major advantages of Secutec SecureSIGHT according to Care Property Invest

  • Complete unburdening for security needs
  • Continuous pen testing, 24/7
  • Solutions that are always up-to-date thanks to strong partnerships with leading cybersecurity vendors

The smart solution

Steven Geniar has been working as ICT Manager at Care Property Invest for over two years. He was hired to improve both the organization’s IT policy and security approach. A few pen tests later, it became clear that action was needed.

“It was obvious that we needed a partner who could assist us with specific security needs,” Steven explains. “We met Secutec via Belfius and soon after Secutec SecureDNS was implemented. That choice was quickly and easily made because their collaboration with the largest leading cybersecurity companies allows us to have access to the best insights and information – without having to look for it ourselves.”


An internal team of security specialists

One year later, Care Property Invest also implemented Secutec SecureSIGHT and SecureCARE. “We are an organization with 32 employees and to keep our company secure, I definitely needed that support,” Steven says. “Secutec SecureSIGHT offers us complete protection, with continuous penetration testing. Much more than what we could do if I had to do it all by myself.”

Convinced of the services and partnership with Secutec, Steven immediately committed to a three-year agreement. “We are 100% convinced of the possibilities – our board was immediately on board with the partnership as well. We now have access to a specialist team that we can always call on in case of questions or problems, as if they were internal employees.”


Full unburdening

“Thanks to the weekly reports, I have a complete overview of the state of our network at all times,” Steven says. “In addition, there are immediate notifications if there is a problem or incident. I am immediately informed and know what to do to fix it. That makes it a complete product for us.”


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